Our camp philosophy is simple – “Boys Learn by Doing”. The more boys do at Awosting, the more they learn. Our four core values below provide a solid foundation for our programs and the culture here at Awosting:


We embrace the spirit of brotherhood as one of our core values. Our community is the lifeblood of Awosting – when you join us for the first time you truly become part of the family. Our program design has a strong focus on working together as a cohesive unit to reach a common goal. At Awosting, we recognize leadership and emphasize the importance of looking out for each other.

Camper in hammock flips over to look at another hammocking camper below


Coming to camp for the first time can be a daunting experience, those nerves mixed with excitement as he rolls down the driveway on opening day (this goes for Mom too!). After a couple of days in our program that is all soon a distant memory. Through the Awosting culture and program, your son will learn to become more independent as we prepare him for the real world – from making his own bed to setting tables, and helping out during cabin clean up to reaching the top of the climbing tower. What seem like small feats now will allow your son to flourish over the years.

Young smiling camper sits in a metal canoe


We believe in every member of Awosting community and we are here to make sure that every camper leaves camp believes in themself too. Knowing that your ‘brothers’ are behind you every step of the way helps each boy unlock their true potential. Awosting is a very safe place and we don’t see ‘failure’ as a negative in camp life or in any of our programs. Instead, we teach the boys that failing is one of the best learning experiences – get back up and let’s do it again!

Camper crosses challenge on low ropes course


Awosting is based on the foundations of teaching children life lessons through experiences, a prime example of our camp philosophy of “Boys Learn by Doing”. In a positive and supportive environment, we give your son exposure to a variety of activities and experiences with peers and staff. We aim to raise each camper’s confidence and allow them to feel comfortable trying new things. We specialize in not specializing in any one activity; we believe in introducing our campers to a wide variety of activities so that they have the opportunity to learn new skills while pushing their comfort zones.

Camper prepares to throw football