Do I need a trunk/footlocker?

In short, yes, our campers use this trunk to store all of their belongings. Having a hard shell case helps the boys keep everything neat and tidy. So although not compulsory we highly recommend it.

What do I pack?

Head to your MyAwosting account and you will find the packing list.

Do I need to label everything?

As I am sure you know, boys are great at losing everything. So if you want it back, label it. We totally recommend Ollies Labels – you can find a link to these on your MyAwosting account.

Sunscreen & Bug spray?

We are hot on it when it comes to sunscreen application, and while we have sunscreen available on site we recommend the boys come to camp with no-rub spray on sunscreen. When it comes to bugs, we ground spray to reduce bugs/insects at camp but it is always handy to have a bottle.

When do I find out about more about Drop Off Day?

You will receive an email around a week before camp starts to explain all the ins-and-outs of Drop Off Day.