How old are the campers?

We welcome campers from age 6 to 15.

What is a day at Camp Awosting like?

Cabin groups have three scheduled morning activities and two elective afternoon activities. One morning activity is always a swimming or boating lesson. Campers choose their electives everyday after lunch.

What are your cabins like?

Campers live in carpeted cabins with boys their age and with two counselors. All cabins have electricity, screens, bathrooms with toilets and sinks. Private shower houses are centrally located.

How many campers attend Camp Awosting?

We have between 120-160 campers on site during each 2-week session.

Can my child request to be in the same cabin as a friend?

Sure. We’ll do our best to accommodate your request. Please call prior to enrolling to ensure we have space. The campers must be within one year of each other in age and requests must be mutual. No more than 2 campers can be requested. Unfortunately, due to limited number of beds in each cabin, sometimes we are not always able to accommodate every request but we will try our best!

What if my son doesn't know anyone?

Many of our campers come to camp not knowing anyone, but one of the best parts of camp is making new friends! And it doesn’t take long – a few minutes! We have a lot of outgoing boys and friendly staff members at camp. Returning campers take a lot of pride in their knowledge of Camp Awosting and can’t wait to share “What’s going to happen next!” with newcomers. Staff members are trained in methods of engaging new campers and helping nervous campers become active members of the team.

Can I visit my child during the session?

All 4, 6, and 8 week campers are permitted visitors every two weeks on “Visiting Days”. We welcome families to stay at camp and take advantage of the activities during visiting days. 2 week campers are not permitted to have visitors during the session.

Will my campers shower regularly?

Campers are supervised daily for proper grooming and cleanliness by their cabin counselors. Campers are required to take frequent showers and brush their teeth, and a little extra care is given to our younger campers who might need help. Weekly hygiene & wellness checks are made by the health center staff to confirm good health.

What kind of clothes does my camper need at camp?

Campers don’t need to bring any special equipment or clothing to camp! Our boys love playing and getting messy, so pack clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty.

Is laundry done at camp?

Laundry service is done as part of your camper’s tuition. Each camper’s laundry is individually sent out weekly to a local facility that specializes in camp laundry to be washed and comes back clean and folded!

What about towels?

We provide daily towels here at camp, and it is all part of your son’s tuition.

What if my camper is homesick?

Even returning campers get a little homesick sometimes! It’s natural to miss Mom or Dad when you spend some time away from home. All staff are trained to identify the tell tale signs of homesickness and how to teach or reinforce the skills to overcome it, and our administration are ready to jump in and lead a helping hand. We keep parents informed on how to best handle their campers if they are missing home, and encourage parents to call the office to check in on how their son is doing.

Can they bring their electronics?

All electronic devices are not permitted at camp. This includes iPods, Kindles, iPads, Game Boys, PSP’s, and any device which may be invented before you finish reading this sentence. There are more than enough activities at camp to keep campers busy. We prefer that campers interact with one another and develop their social skills. Let them unplug for 4-6 weeks during the summer and enjoy the outdoors…

How about cell phones?

Camp is time to unplug. We have a ‘no electronics’ policy at camp. This is one of the growth-producing, yet challenging, aspects of camp. We have found that cell phones and other electronics interfere with a camper’s acclimatization to camp life and impedes the development of independence, which is a camp goal.

How can I contact my camper?

Parents are permitted to send substantive e-letters through their My Awosting account in addition to snail mail. These will be distributed once a day. An appropriate frequency for either form of correspondence is about twice a week.



Can I call my child?

We strongly advise to use with caution, one of our primary causes of homesickness is receiving a phone call from home. While this may seem like a quick and easy way to talk to your camper, we recommend sending letters/e-letters over calling. We have 3 phones in our dining hall and calls are permitted only during meal times after the first Wednesday of a session – no more than two per session.



I have a question that wasn't listed...

Call us at (860) 576-4924! Email us at [email protected]! We are available to answer any and all questions you may have about Awosting.