Cabin Life

Lakeside Retreat

Our 16 cabins are located along shore of Bantam Lake. Campers live in carpeted cabins with boys their own age, along with two or three counselors. All cabins have ceiling fans, electricity, bathrooms, and personal cubbies. Private shower houses are centrally located. Boys quickly feel right at home, surrounded by their new friends and role models.

Two campers play cards in top bunk

Cabin Placement

Campers share their cabin with boys who are the same age. Creating our cabin assignments is a thorough process, as we deliberately place new and returning campers together, and look at each camper’s interests and background. We make sure each cabin feels like a home away from home for your camper.

Group of campers hangs out in cabin
Camper writes while reclined on bunk

Band of Brothers

Our campers love spending time with their cabin mates. They help maintain their cabin cleanliness each day, rotate through a variety of morning activities together, and spend Rest Hour playing games, working together, and getting to know each other. Each evening before Taps, they boys recall the best parts of their day to their new ‘brothers’ as they get ready for bed. The time they spend with the boys in their cabin will be memories that last a lifetime!

Group of campers plays cards on cabin floor